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Bauhaus.Module course: "Experimental Documentary Filmmaking with Sensorial Ethnography". Taught in Summer Semester 2022 to Bachelor and Master levels. I designed this course to include a didactic protocol called Pre-Texts, for which I am certified at Harvard University. I applied this protocol as a method to expand perspectives on the questions: "What is nature? How can it be felt? How can we communicate with it? What is the Nature inside of us? What is the Nature Outside of us? How can the two be brought together?" To deal with these questions in filmmaking format, both theory and practice intertwine. Artistic activities arise from experimentation with media and formats and by engaging with the words of a shaman in the book "The Falling Sky" by Davi Kopenawa Yanomami/Bruce Albert as a relational text (via the Pre-Texts protocol). By utilizing this book as an operative tool in our sessions, Kopenawa became a presence, a teacher from the forest, offering a perspective of nature from deep inside the Amazonian ecosystem. As the course progressed, all participants' perspectives of “Nature Inside and Outside" developed into materials created through those artistic activities. This course is about learning and sharing backgrounds, perspectives and skill sets, unleashing creative potential and experimenting with the cinematic space. The interdisciplinary approach also takes account the participation of students from all faculties and levels to develop concepts of aesthetic perspectivism, i.e. beyond visual media into sensorial media in an inclusive way. The course introduces a Theoretical-Practical framework towards experimental documentary filmmaking. The development process is based on various artistic and sensorial ethnography activities as additional method.

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Bauhaus.Module course: "Artistic Research as Methodology for Filmmaking/Making a Film about Water". Taught in Winter Semester 2021/22 to Bachelor and Master levels. I introduced the idea of process-based filmmaking, as opposed to creating plot-based cinematic stories. Concept-methods, such as Research Design, Boundary Objects and the value of interdisciplinary and collective work have been introduced to support this process-oriented work. At the conclusion of the course, I have curated a group exhibit “Regarding Water”, which took place during the Society for Artistic Research 13th International Conference hosted at Bauhaus. All positions in the exhibit, of which are two installations, reflect a low to no-budget guerilla filmmaking executed in just one semester. Another position, a longer format short film is included upon her invitation: a collaborative piece between a Bauhaus MA graduate in Film Studies and her former Ph.D. colleague. To complete this group exhibit was my own installation piece, “Disrupted Flows”  developed in the process of teaching the course.

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As Ph.D. Candidate in Media Art at Bauhaus Universty Weimar, I have been teaching semester-long courses that deploy Artistic Research as Methodology for Filmmaking. I have created this methodology by testing mixed methods combined to unleash the creative potential of working interdisciplinarily and valuing reciprocity among colleagues to help develop their projects.