A•LIVE (2012) comprehends a series from the A•LIVE project, whose micrographic video recording yielded the following selected frames for printing. A•LIVE is a live audiovisual performance with the symbiosis stemming from the alchemic experimentation of organic and synthetic materials with music composition by sound artist Derek Holzer. A•LIVE was first performed in Berlin in 2012 and premiered in the United States at The Paseo Outdoor Media Arts Festival in Taos, New Mexico in September 2015. For Taos, the performance inspiration was of a hermeneutic nature – "as above, so below": the alchemy of earthly organic matter generating a cosmic vision, creating a continuum with the wide open sky of Taos gracing the outdoor performance. Please visit project page showcasing documentation on the performances and the ”Art of Seeing” videomicrography workshop for high school students: http://quietrevolution.me/A_LIVE.html

Installation scenarios in white cube environment are possible where the live performance is surrounded by the large-scale 2-D prints and their corresponding small glass slides containing the organic matter in the prints, similar to how it has been displayed at the exhibit (Chrono)SKOPIE at Kunstraum t27, Berlin in 2012/13.

Please email for series catalogue.

PLASMA (2006) comprehends a series of large scale prints (1.5 meters wide) originating from a direct animation 16mm film loop created using various subtractive and additive techniques applied directly to the film surface, such as peeling off the emulsion, collaging and painting. This film contains 150 unique frames as they were all handmade. My technique results in frames similar in style, which I then group in various sub-series. Individual frames will be titled PLASMA:1:001, PLASMA:2:011,... PLASMA:7:124, etc., where the first number represents the sub-series, and the 3-digit number represents the print itself. Below are a few samples (not necessarily representative of amount of prints in each sub-series).

Only one print per film frame. The 16mm film frame is part of the 2D work; it is attached on the print at the lower right bottom of frame.

On the right, the original 16mm film from which the frames are extracted.

Please email for series catalogue.

The single prints will be framed as shown below. The metal framing resembling the perforated film frames (film sprockets). On the right, samples of three series of prints.

METAMORFOSE (2005) comprehends a direct animation 16mm film (see below) created originally as an experiment, whereby I buried a roll of raw 16mm film stock bare into the earth for 1 year (4 seasons) following a set of chance operations including bathing and spicing the film with liquid and solid substances before burial. This experiment spawned the METAMORFOSE film series, whose objective is to immerse the films in the singular context of each city where they are buried and present them in installations that speak directly to the characteristics of the location and to show how the buried film was affected by that direct interaction. See METAMORFOSE installation and EFEMEROS installation/performance.

Please email for series catalogue.

The prints in each of the three series below will be framed individually.

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ECSTASY (2012) Series of self-portraits during live videomicrography videoart performance. 4x3 postcard format.