Vanessa Ramos Velasquez

The game goes on shrouded in delightful mysteries of life. So many interesting twists and turns at every corner and conflict. The audience now is composed of so many economists wanting to pitch in and place their bets for their own theories on who’ll win the BRIC-Ball Cup that the four countries tell them to buzz off and to let them play in peace, although they would not mind getting a cut from the economists’ betting winnings.  Allen Greenspan mumbles something about saltwater and freshwater, parting ways like the Red Sea sending the younger generation of economists in all kinds of directions screaming that they’re all now swimming in shark infested waters and it’s every man for himself.

Vanessa Ramos Velasquez
But not all is uncertain, these countries have the benefit of perspective courtesy of the U.S., enabling them to see how full-fledged capitalism can function. Now BRICs just have to make a compilation with their favorite tunes so they can dance to their own music. For example, these four countries might look into providing their citizens a retirement plan that makes sense in their own culture, even finding a more spiritual solution for these hard working folks to enjoy their “golden years”. Perhaps their retirement plan will not be “the gun” like in the U.S.  Maybe in Russia it’s “401 Special K” (no, not 401 boxes of Kellogs cereal, but the other Special K), if you’d like more info about this retirement plan, click here:  In Brazil, all family members could move in with grandma, the best Brazilian institution. In India, the retiring population can start to clean the Ganges River for a small stipend. It works for everybody, the river waters get renovated to receive more of the dead, the government ensures retiring people have a mini-job to keep them still active and in unity with a spiritual life while they’re preparing for the next one. China could finally send their hard-working citizens on their international trips by deploying retirees to other countries wishing to hire Tai-Chi-Chuan and Qi-Gong masters.

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Round 1 - Round 2 - Round 3 - Round 4 - FINALE


Round 1 - Round 2 - Round 3 - Round 4 - FINALE

BRIC-Ball: 4th phase

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