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BRIC-Ball: 2nd phase


The Brazilians are almost two hours late for the match. Zeus says their tardiness does not surprise him, as this is a well known Dionysian characteristic of the country, but is totally incensed by the length of the tardiness. The Brazilians then elect Kaká as their ambassador of good will to go reason with Zeus. Kaká approaches Zeus in reverence and says it wasn’t entirely their fault to be so late. It’s that it rained a lot and they were majorly stuck in traffic. He added: “Lord Zeus, when St. Peter sends this much water down upon us, not only does the whole city flood but we also have black-outs, pardon our mismatched socks! There was even a huge land slide from the hillsides preventing us from reaching our destination on time.” Zeus listens attentively, then firmly demands to not ever let it happen again! And that since the country will host the next World Cup of Soccer, (the minor sister cup to BRIC-Ball), and also the 2016 Olympic games for Chrissakes, that they better get their s#*t together, otherwise how are the athletes and the public supposed to get to all the competitions on time?? Kaká falls to his knees and immediately starts to pray for help. Now with a collective yellow card, the team tries to regain confidence and overcome this huge embarrassment.


The drama begins! A collective red card is given to the whole Dionysian team for stalling the game! Der’mo! That’s because they couldn’t decide where to run and all 5d players tried forming the shape of Moscow on the field! The referee explains this is not a Bolshoi Ballet dance performance but they won’t listen! With all the Dionysians out, the Apollonians are now assigned with the Herculean task of trying to make up for that huge unbalance. The Apollonians order more Vodka to build up the morale and ask the referee if they can play a round of chess-boxing instead.


India makes a great move by committing to establish feed-in tariffs for renewable energy as part of their climate change action plan. Dionysians and Apollonians both explode in celebration by dancing and singing for 5 hours straight, just like in the film Lagaan. Even Zeus forgets about the game rules and joins in hypnotized by the swaying charm of these enchanting players.


China who had up until now been the target of skepticism in their ability to fairly play ball makes a surprisingly good-will move by allowing Google in the country. But when Google tries to befriend China via Facebook, it realizes it can’t get connected to the FB page. Google keeps getting a pesky message saying the server unexpectedly dropped the connection. To wait for a few minutes, and then try again…//  That problem alone should have given the Googlers a glimpse of their upcoming troubles of both Dionysian and Apollonian proportions in getting to know the big “C” in BRIC-Ball. But Google gets really pissed off anyway because it has made a substantial investment in coming to China and expected to become one of the Chinese 5dx5a double players, but it has seen its hopes continuously shut down. “Oh man...” says one of Google’s top chiefs, “...we can only access Myspace here and that’s so not cool anymore! And the top echelon of the People’s Republic keeps asking us for the G-mail addresses of certain Chinese Dionysian players! This truncated game is no fun, we want out!” he completes. But don’t expect Google to make an exit without a bang as Sergey, one of its founders is partly Russian and sure knows how to throw a big punch.

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Round 1 - Round 2 - Round 3 - Round 4 - FINALE

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